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Understanding Class Action Lawsuits

A class action is a type of lawsuit whereby multiple parties who have been injured, wronged or negatively impacted file suit in a court of law against a single party.

Typically, a few injured parties, known as plaintiffs, bring the claim and appear in court on behalf of the others. They are referred to as the class or group. If the class is certified and it prevails, via judgment or settlement, each party receives a share of the total amount.

The Purpose Of A Class Action

Rather than allowing every injured party to each bring an individual suit, a class action allows multiple parties to join one lawsuit. This is done for a number of reasons. It saves time and resources and lessens the demands on the court system.

Help From An Experienced Legal Team

At the Ponder Legal Group, our attorneys have handled class action lawsuits and other complex personal injury cases for those in Washington, DC and throughout the country for many years.

Our lawyers are seasoned litigators and have established a reputation and solid track record for recovering millions in verdicts and settlements for those who have sustained serious injuries.

Class Actions We Handle

We handle class actions involving many types of issues. Some include the following:

Entities Charging Outrageous, Hidden Fees

If a company charges outrageous hidden fees and did not properly disclose those fees, you and others may be able to file a lawsuit and perhaps get certified as a group or class. Banks, for instance, have commonly been known to engage in this practice.

Excess Fees Charged by Pension or 401k Administrators

Unreasonable fees are a violation of ERISA. Plan members can pursue legal action – including class action claims – to hold plan trustees accountable for excessive fees and other misuse of plan funds.

Surprise Fees Charged Payroll Processing Companies

Small business owners are often burdened by excessive or illegal fees illegally charged by payroll processing companies. Ponder Legal Group is investigating these fees for potential unlawful practices and wants to hear from you.

Worker Misclassification

Being classified correctly as an employee or contractor impacts your wallet and your well-being. The difference between these classifications, the consequences of misclassification, and what to do if you suspect you've been wrongly categorized are all issues that would be addressed with an experienced attorney. 

Automated Spam Calls and Faxes

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits entities from marketing to consumers via  automated phone calls. Such calls often involve debt collectors, vehicle warranty deals and other phony offers.

Defective Products

Many class actions also involve those who have been injured by a defective product or medical device. People who have been harmed may be able to seek compensation as a class from the manufacturer or seller of the product that caused injury or harm.

Find Out If You Have A Case Worth Pursuing

If you believe that you were injured or suffered financial damage and wish to learn whether others have suffered the same fate and/or whether a class action is feasible, contact us to learn more.

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