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Protecting Small Business From Excessive Payroll Processing Fees

Payroll Processing Companies Charge Excessive or Illegal Fees

Payroll processing companies are businesses that provide services to businesses to help them with their payroll needs. These services can include calculating and depositing employee wages, withholding taxes, and providing employee benefits.

While payroll processing companies can be a valuable service for businesses, some companies have been accused of charging excessive or illegal fees. These fees can add up quickly, and can put a strain on a business's finances.

Types of Bogus Fees Often Charged by Payroll Processing Companies

There are a number of different types of fees that payroll processing companies charge. Some of the most common fees include:

  • Setup fees: These fees are charged when a business first signs up with a payroll processing company.
  • Monthly fees: These fees are charged on a monthly basis, and are typically based on the number of employees that a business has.
  • Transaction fees: These fees are charged for each time that a payroll transaction is processed.
  • Late fees: These fees are charged if a business fails to pay its payroll processing bill on time.

Some payroll processing companies have been accused of charging excessive or illegal fees. In some cases, these fees have been so high that they have put a strain on businesses' finances. In other cases, the fees have been illegal, and have violated state or federal law.

Do You Have A Case For Payroll Companies Charging Excessive or Illegal Fees?

It can be challenging to determine whether payroll processing fees are allowed under your contract or existing law. Our lawyers understand the many factors that go into that analysis. We excel at approaching these kinds of cases from a powerful angle, laying a strong foundation of evidence and expert opinions.

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