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Advocating For Washington DC’s Railroad Workers

Ponder Legal Group protects the rights of people injured while working on railroads across the country. Our team of attorneys decades of experience handling railroad claims.

Based out of Washington DC, we are committed to helping workers and their families after the devastation of a serious railroad injury. If you or someone you love suffered a serious injury working for a railroad company, you can turn to us for help.

Help With A Broad Range Of Railroad Accident Cases

There are four main laws that apply to railroad injury claims. Our injury lawyers have handled numerous cases related to these laws, giving them the knowledge and information necessary to handle yours as well. These are the laws that likely apply to your claim:

  1. Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA): Protects your right to file a claim in state or federal court against your employer and to have a jury trial if necessary.
  2. Locomotive Inspection ActImposes safety regulations for locomotive equipment. An employer who violates this law may be liable for an injured worker's damages.
  3. Railroad Safety Appliance Act: Mandates that railroad companies provide safe working environments for employees or could face severe penalties.
  4. Title 49 U.S.C. Section 20109: Grants protections to whistleblowers who report safety or labor law violations committed by railroad employers.

We explain the laws to you in plain English so you can understand your rights. Then, we help you explore the full range of your legal options. We are committed to recovering maximum compensation for your damages and righting the wrongs committed by your employer.

Does the FELA Apply to Your Injury?

The FELA stands as a cornerstone of worker protection in the United States, extending crucial safeguards to a broad spectrum of employees within the railroad industry. Under FELA, workers engaged in interstate railway commerce are entitled to substantial legal protections in the event of workplace injuries. While the Act was initially crafted with traditional railroad workers in mind, its scope has evolved to encompass a diverse array of roles and responsibilities within the industry.

Workers covered by FELA include:

  • Workers involved in operating trains and maintaining rail infrastructure for mainline railroads such as Norfolk Southern, CSX, BNSF, Union Pacific, Canadian Pacific, etc.
  • Individuals engaged in a wide range of supporting functions, including engineers, conductors, track maintenance workers, signalmen, yardmasters, mechanics, and a host of other roles critical to the smooth operation of the railroad system.
  • Employees of entities like AMTRAK, which provide passenger rail services and receive federal funding, fall squarely within the ambit of FELA protections.

FELA's coverage extends beyond traditional railroad employees to encompass contractors and subcontractors whose work directly contributes to interstate railway commerce. This broad interpretation ensures that individuals involved in various aspects of rail transportation, whether employed directly by railroad companies or working through third-party entities, are afforded the same fundamental rights and protections under the law. As such, anyone whose work intersects with the operation, maintenance, or support of the railway system may have recourse under FELA in the event of workplace injuries or accidents.

Discuss Your Injury With A Lawyer In A Free Consultation

At Ponder Legal Group, we recognize the complexities inherent in FELA claims and the unique challenges faced by railroad workers and their families. With our deep understanding of FELA law and extensive experience advocating for the rights of injured railroad employees, our team is dedicated to providing compassionate guidance and relentless advocacy to ensure our clients receive the compensation and justice they deserve.

Whether you're a railroad worker, AMTRAK employee, or contractor within the railway industry, we are here to stand by your side, protect your rights, and pursue maximum recovery on your behalf. The Ponder Legal Group, is the firm to assist you if you need help with a personal injury claim or a related railroad issue. You can call us at 888-201-0305 or send us an email to schedule your free initial consultation.

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