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Common causes of city car crashes

Posted by Brad Ponder | Dec 02, 2020 | 0 Comments

Whenever you get behind the steering wheel, you need to prioritize awareness and watch for negligence on the road. Unfortunately, many individuals are reckless in their actions, and they cause severe collisions. Many of these crashes occur in high-traffic cities where countless vehicles travel each day.

To stay safe, it helps to recognize some of the common causes of city car crashes. This knowledge gives you a clear understanding of how a crash may occur and prevent serious damage.

Tailgating in Traffic

Traffic causes all drivers to stop and go constantly. It's not often when traffic flow is completely steady, so tailgating can become a legitimate problem. The closer a person drives behind you, the less time they have to stop.

The best thing you can do if someone is tailgating you is to stop at least a car length behind the vehicle in front of you. This action helps prevent you from hitting the car in front of you due to the rear-end collision involving the car behind you.

Rolling Through Stop Signs

Stop signs may indicate what drivers need to do, but many of them don't come to a complete stop. Instead, some drivers only slow down when approaching stop signs and roll through them. You must pay close attention to drivers like this, even if you're following the right of way laws.

Distractions at Stop Lights

When a driver is texting, eating, drinking, talking to passengers, or otherwise distracted, it can become easy to disobey the laws. A distraction can cause a driver to run a red light. Unfortunately, intersections are commonplace for many crashes, and distractions combined with a higher number of vehicles increase the chance of collisions.

Speeding Through Intersections

Speeding should never occur, especially when drivers try to beat traffic lights. A yellow light is an indicator to slow down, not speed up. However, countless individuals speed up to get into an intersection before the light turns red, but when they're not paying attention, it can lead to a devastating crash.

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