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What could cause semi-truck accidents?

Posted by Brad Ponder | Feb 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

Semi-trucks may seem like an intimidating presence on the road. Even when a truck travels slowly and safely, its commanding presence may worry drivers of passenger cars. Those who read reports about truck accident statistics might feel even more intimidated considering the damage that semi-trucks in Alabama can cause.

Causes for truck accidents

Several common reasons appear when reviewing the aftermath of truck accidents. Considering the long distances and hours truck drivers perform, fatigue ranks high on the list of reasons. Some people may wonder how drivers become fatigued when federal and local regulations mandate breaks and limitations on consecutive hours on the road. For one, truck drivers and truck companies might ignore the rules. In addition, a driver may feel very tired even when adhering to the rules. A cold could make someone tired, for example.

Distracted driving may factor into an accident as well. Truck drivers, like others, may text and drive or direct attention toward an entertainment app. Distractions, even slight ones, may lead to an accident.

There are also truck drivers who might take to the roads impaired. Anyone driving while intoxicated by a legal or illegal substance could dramatically increase the chances of a collision.

Other reasons for accidents

Violating traffic laws could lead to a crash. Speeding undermines a truck's ability to stop, and cutting other drivers off could result in collisions. Traffic laws exist for a reason, and violating the rules might present safety risks.

Truck drivers need to display care when traveling through work zones. Going beyond work zone speed limits may prove exceptionally dangerous since there may be several hazards to avoid.

Catastrophic semi-truck accidents could result from any number of mistakes. When a person is injured due to someone else's negligence, the victim may find it valuable to speak with a personal injury attorney.

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