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Injuries that may not appear immediately after a vehicle accident

Posted by Brad Ponder | Mar 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

After an auto accident in Washington, DC, most people are going through many emotions and often don't think about everything they need to do. Visiting a doctor should top their list, because they can use it as evidence. Furthermore, some injuries do not present themselves immediately after a vehicle accident.


Whiplash is the most common hidden injury after an auto accident, which can occur at low speeds. The impact of the crash violently and quickly jerks the head back and forth, forcing the ligaments of normal range.

The adrenalin released at the time of the accident by the body causes the delay of symptoms. Whiplash may cause neck stiffness and pain, lower back pain, shoulder tenderness, dizziness, and hand numbness.

Traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries range from mild to severe caused by a jolt or a strike to the head. The strike or jolt often comes from hitting the steering wheel or a deployed airbag.

The force from the sudden change in posture causes the soft tissues in the brain in the brain to push against the skull. An example of a mild TBI is a concussion, which commonly causes confusion, dizziness, headaches, and balance, memory and speech issues with or without loss of consciousness. More severe TBIs may cause a loss of consciousness for several minutes to several days.

Knee injuries

The impact of the crash could cause the vehicle occupant's knee to hit the dashboard or other hard areas of the vehicle. Ligament tears are the most frequent injury, which often requires surgery, but they often heal without permanent damage.

Another common injury causes damage to the cartilage, or soft knee tissue. A dislocation happens more frequently after a crash at high speeds, which forces the knee out of position.

Injured parties can file a claim for damages after a car accident against the at-fault party. Some cases get settled out of court, but they need the help of an attorney to decide the best course of action.

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