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Are SUVs at great risk for rollover accidents?

Posted by Brad Ponder | Aug 16, 2021 | 0 Comments

Why are there so many SUVs on Washington, DC roads? The answer varies, and some owners prefer sport utility vehicles for their cargo space and passenger comfort. Others look at the size of the vehicle and assume a larger model comes with greater safety. True, many SUV manufacturers work hard to increase protections. However, concerns over rollover risks might worry some SUV drivers.

SUVs and rollover concerns

A “rollover accident” comes with a name that describes the chaos. When a vehicle tips over on its side and stops when upside down, a rollover accident occurred. These incidents could turn into catastrophic car accidents due to drivers and passengers suffering fatal injuries. Sadly, the fatality rate on rollover crashes remains high.

SUV owners should be concerned about these vehicles and their more significant risk of rollover accidents. The risk comes from an SUV's design, such as the elevated center of gravity. Even hitting a pothole or a curb could lead to a  rollover, a sobering fact owners need to realize.

The circumstances surrounding SUV rollovers

Moving violations may result in an SUV or car rollover. Speeding on a sharp turn could cause such an accident. An intoxicated driver who does not reduce speed when entering an off-ramp might be responsible for other's injuries if an accident happens.

Other reasons could point to negligent behavior. Did the local municipality properly maintain the road? Not fixing potholes may reflect negligence, and injured parties might take legal action against local governments. Objects strewn in the road may lead to crashes, too. Anything that falls off a truck due to improperly secured cargo could result in a negligence suit.

Rollover accidents bring with them the potential for life-changing or fatal injuries. SUV owners might find adjusting their driving behavior advisable.

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